How to Extract Textual Data from Pdf: Top 10 Pdf to Text Converters

One useful tool that may help you extract valuable data from a PDF file and incorporate it into Word documents is a PDF-to-text converter. This is used by many businesses to exchange or analyze data, which may be very beneficial to their operations. But to extract text from PDF is only sometimes simple with expert-level PDF Text converter software, regardless of whether it’s free. Let’s discuss some of the greatest converters available online and offline in this post.

You no longer always need to purchase or download software to convert PDF to text, thanks to advancements in technology. You may upload your documents and select the desired format at any of the many free online PDF converters available to turn PDF into text.

Benefits of Conversion

There are several scenarios where you might find yourself needing to extract text from a PDF:

Editing Text Content: Imagine receiving a PDF report or contract that requires minor edits. While some advanced PDF editing software allows limited text modifications, turn PDF into text files using a PDF to text converter opens up the possibility of seamless editing in any word processing software like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Searching Within Documents: By default, PDFs are not searchable. If a long PDF document has to have specific information located, you may easily identify keywords or phrases by turning it into text and using your text editor’s or PDF viewer’s search feature.

Data analysis and reformatting: Financial accounts, reports, and surveys frequently communicate data in PDF format. You may import the data for additional editing and analysis into spreadsheets or data analysis tools by converting such PDFs to text. When compared to manually reentering data, this can save a substantial amount of time and work.

Accessibility for Screen Readers: Users who depend on screen readers due to visual impairments may sometimes have difficulties using PDFs.

Top 10 Tools to Extract Text from PDF

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: Acrobat Pro DC, the industry standard for editing PDFs, has a strong and precise OCR engine for text extraction. Its feature set is extensive and includes batch conversion, the option to remove password protection, layout preservation, and the capacity to convert PDFs to several output formats, such as DOCX, XLSX, and searchable PDF. Perfect for those who need a reliable solution for regular editing and converting activities from PDFs.

Nitro Pro: Offering an accurate OCR feature set and an easy-to-use interface, Nitro Pro is a strong substitute for Acrobat Pro DC. It has capabilities that are comparable to those of Acrobat Pro DC, such as batch conversion, choices for preserving layout, and the capacity to convert PDFs into a variety of output formats. Nitro Pro is a good option for consumers looking for a feature-rich converter with an interface that may be simpler than Acrobat.

ABBYY FineReader: Acclaimed for having the best OCR accuracy in the business, ABBYY FineReader serves customers who need the highest level of accuracy when extracting text, particularly for intricate layouts, scanned documents, or multilingual information. Advanced capabilities include the ability to convert PDF to text, compare documents, and set document security settings. Perfect for users who need high-accuracy multilingual text extraction or who work with complex PDFs.

Xodo PDF to Text Converter: With this easy-to-use online converter, you may download the converted text file in TXT format and upload PDFs straight from your device or cloud storage. It works well with most straightforward PDFs and has minimal OCR capability. Ideal for cases where you need a quick and easy online solution to extract text from PDF.

CardScanner (PDF to Text Converter): This programme is great at taking text out of photos and turning it into editable contact information. In addition to that it comes with pdf to text conversion with the assistance of online pdf document to text converter, that does not require huge human intervention to process. No sign up or account creation involves, just drag PDFs and get the converted text.

Sejda PDF: Sejda PDF offers a premium online service in addition to a free desktop programme. A watermark appears on the output file in the free version, which only supports a certain amount of PDF to text conversions. If you upgrade to a subscription plan, you may convert PDFs to DOCX, PPTX, and XLSX in addition to batch processing, larger conversion limits, and facilities for removing password security. Sejda has an excellent mix of free and premium services, making it stand out for having an intuitive user experience.

Littlepdf PDF to Text: A well-liked online collection of PDF utilities, Smallpdf comes with a functional and cost-free PDF to text converter. It boasts a clean interface and supports multiple output formats beyond TXT, including DOCX, ODS (spreadsheet), and PPTX (presentation). This versatility makes Smallpdf a convenient option for converting PDFs to formats readily editable in various software programs.

I Love PDF: This user-friendly platform offers a free online converter alongside a paid subscription with advanced features. The free version allows basic conversion with limitations on file size and number of conversions. Upgrading unlocks batch processing, password protection removal, and the ability to turn PDF into text and other editable formats. I Love PDF caters well to casual users who need occasional conversions with the option to upgrade for more demanding tasks.

TheOnlineConverter: This versatile online converter goes beyond PDFs, supporting a wide range of document formats for text extraction, including images and scans. It offers basic conversion functionalities and multilingual OCR for documents in various languages. For customers who need basic OCR skills in various languages and must handle a variety of document types, theonlineconverter is an excellent option.

Soda PDF: With a robust OCR engine for text extraction, Soda PDF is a feature-rich PDF editing programme. Batch conversion, password protection removal, layout preservation efforts, and PDF conversion to DOCX, XLSX, and other editable formats are just a few of its features. 

Soda PDF caters to users who require a comprehensive PDF editing solution with robust text extraction capabilities.

Additional Notes:

Remember, free online converters often have limitations on file size. If your PDF is very large, you might encounter an error message. Consider using a software converter for larger files.

The accuracy of the converted text depends on the quality of the original PDF and the OCR technology used by the converter. Expect some errors, especially with complex layouts or scanned documents. Proofreading the converted text is recommended.

Here are some best practices to maximize the success of your PDF to text conversion:

  • Use High-Quality PDFs: Start with clear, searchable PDFs whenever possible. Steer clear of low-resolution PDFs and fuzzy scans, as they can greatly affect OCR quality.
  • Pick the Correct OCR Language: For best results, make sure you pick the appropriate OCR language throughout the conversion process if your PDF is written in a language other than English.
  • Proofread the Converted Text: It is crucial to thoroughly review the extracted text file following conversion to find and fix any mistakes that the OCR process may have caused. Pay close attention to proper names, numbers, and technical terms.
  • Consider Advanced Features (if applicable): If you require layout preservation or specific output formats, explore software converters that offer these advanced features for a more refined conversion experience.


In conclusion, PDF to text converters are valuable tools for unlocking the editable content trapped within PDFs. Whether you need to edit text, search within documents, or repurpose data, these converters offer a convenient solution. You may make use of the capabilities of PDF to text conversion and improve your workflow by being aware of the many available alternatives, thinking about your needs, and putting the best practices mentioned above into effect.

We may anticipate improvements in OCR precision, more accessibility to sophisticated capabilities, and integration with AI for better comprehension of layouts as technology progresses. So, the next time you encounter a PDF that needs its textual content unleashed, remember the vast array of converters at your disposal!

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