Online Questionnaire Tool – How To Make An Online Survey App

Are you looking for an online survey app? Then look no further! We have created a list of the best online questionnaires available on the market today.

Are you looking for an online questionnaire tool? Then look no further. We have created a list with the best online questionnaires currently available on the market today, so that you can easily choose which one suits your needs.

What Is A Survey Application?

An online questionnaire tool is a software application that allows users to complete surveys online. These tools are often used by businesses to gather feedback from customers. They also allow individuals to take part in research studies.

Survey Monkey

SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular online survey tools out there. It has been around since 1999 and has grown into a global company with offices in more than 40 countries. This means that you can use SurveyMonkey anywhere in the world. Both services offer similar functionality. They both allow you to build surveys, send them out, track responses, and analyze results. The main difference between the two is that SurveyMonkey is free while SurveyGizmo requires payment.


SurveyMonkey is a free service while SurveyGizmo is a paid service. However, SurveyGizmo offers some really cool features such as custom surveys and mobile apps. You can also take advantage of the free trial period before paying anything.


This is a free survey builder that allows you to customize the design of your forms. Including your brand colors adds an extra touch to the look of your quizzes. In addition, there is no limit to the creation of surveys or questions in each of the questionnaires that you do. One feature that we find awesome is that you can add text after your customers have filled out a field. So if a respondent typed their name in one question, you can refer to them by name in subsequent questions, if that’s the setting you choose. This will help you create a closer and stronger relationship with your customers.


Survio is a tool that in its free version offers you the possibility of doing all the surveys you need with unlimited questions, but you can only receive 100 responses per month. It also offers you more than 100 templates, more than 70 designs, a catalog with 19 types of questions, a questionnaire progress indicator, multi-platform format, PDF export of your surveys and other advantages. If all these functions are not enough for you, you can pay for one of their plans, according to the needs of your business.


SoGoSurvey is a complete program for creators of surveys that has free and paid versions. It allows unlimited questionnaires, with unlimited questions, thanks to which you can find out all the information your company needs.

Question Pro

You can take surveys and receive unlimited responses, but it will only show you 1,000 responses per completed quiz. You have the option to add your logo and a completely personalized thank you page. Data export, email support, over 20 different question types and customizable themes for your surveys are also available in the free version.

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