Frequently asked questions

What is Marketing Tool for?

Broken links checker tool, Backlinks analysis, Keyword Finder or calculate the traffic of your websites. This and many more tools can be found in this wonderful portal for those of us who do supervision work for portals in Spanish. But to tell you the heap of tools that it has, it is necessary that you handle the main concept and that is SEO. What does it mean? Why is it so important in marketing?

What is SEO?

Its acronym in English means Search Engine Optimization, These use certain parameters that make search engines locate this type of content because they meet the requirements of Google's algorithms when the search process begins. This type of content is called organic, because it respects the search process in a harmonious way according to what is programmed. While SEM is paid content and has very different guidelines than SEO.

Why is it essential to manage Marketing tools?

Marketing handles so many tools that are lost sight of. And it is necessary to indicate globally because it is essential to be aware of a platform of this type and it is for the following:

1. Evaluate: You will be able to independently analyze the marketing companies you have hired.

2. Draw strategy: You can create your own strategy and verify that what you have done has had some effect, both negative and positive.

3. Visualize: It can help you generate a strategy on the web and monitor if what has been done is on the right track.

4. Correct: You have the possibility of correcting that the texts made do not have plagiarism except for the title or 100% if they were your demands.

5. Monitoring: Determine if your page has other links that you have not authorized or want to monitor.

6. Determine: You can determine if the number of visits to your website and which areas of the page are the least visited and the most visited so that you can draw conclusions .

7. Create: You have the possibility to make different types of content quickly.

8. Know: Know where on the web your page is located.