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Tool to know the backlinks of a website

Many times it is necessary to monitor the work carried out by digital marketing companies. And for this it is necessary to have the tools that are capable of measuring performance and links. Today I will show you this tool and if you hired a marketing company, and in it I am talking about backlinks. But you do not handle the term, I will explain it to you and I will indicate where you can find a platform that has this and many more tools, which can be useful to you.

What is Backlink?

They are the links that reach the same page, that is, different web pages with content are referred to the same web page. This page has several backlinks. Why is it necessary to determine backlinks? It really is an SEO strategy in which it is established that as many pages refer to the same product or service and go to the same website. With this, it indicates that this is very important and for this reason it must be in the first positions under the search engines.