8 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Researching keywords is crucial to blogging. In the past, keyword research took a long time and was hard to do. Now that SEO tools are available, the process has become much easier.

Days and nights were used by many bloggers to collect the best keywords for writing articles in the past. The right keyword research tool allows you to do it in minutes instead of hours.

What are the benefits of keyword research tools?

The keyboard plays a crucial part in the ranking of your website. Being online for more than eight hours a day, most people search for different things on Google before making purchases. You will ultimately benefit if you get a handle on what people are about to explore and serve the results. This is where keywords are significant. Search terms provide you with important information about what people on Google are looking for.

There are two ways to conduct keyword research to find an important keyword. The tool can help you rank in Google by finding the best speed keyword for your query, or by finding keywords that others have used successfully. Most bloggers rank well on Google when they use proven keywords.

You will find different keyword strategies in the original 2022 in my keyword research guide before finding the best keyword research tools if you are new to blogging.

A list of the best keyword research tools

So, now that you know what he’d look for, you can figure out how to make sure you’re using the greatest internet tools to find the ideal keywords as quickly as possible.

There are numerous tools for determining various keyword strategies.

Finding the optimal keywords will require the use of some tools.

I’ve put together a list of the best keyword research tools that many bloggers use, and I’m going to suggest them to you. 

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is not just a tool for keyword research. It contains over 40 tools in one package. It allows you to find keywords using different methods. If you enter a seed keyword into the search bar of SEMrush, you can directly search for keywords. Among the other metrics, you can find for the keyword are volume, SERP results, and trend. CPC is also available, along with keyword difficulty. 

When you find the metrics for the given seed keyword, you will also find related keywords. This can help you find other related keywords that you can use. 

SEMrush provides comprehensive competitor analysis. When you enter your competitor’s URL in the search box, you will see the complete list of keywords that your computer has been using.

Features of SEMrush:

  • Keyword Magic Tool: Semrush comes with a keyword magic tool that lets you find long-tail keywords. If you’re interested in setting up an effective SEO or PPC campaign, this tool will help you. You can use a tool like KWFinder, which provides all the metrics for your primary keywords, such as keyword volume, keyword difficulty, cost per click, and competition.
  • On-Page SEO Checker: Checking the old content’s SEO using an on-page SEO checking tool is another excellent idea. The SEMrush tool recommends optimization ideas based on the rankings of your competitors after you enter your post-URL.
  • Site Audits: An audit of your site’s technical aspects is essential if you wish to rank highly in search results. If there are any technical issues on your site, you will be able to spot them thanks to the SEMrush site audit tool. Semrush will crawl your entire website and provide a report with all the errors you need to fix to get a good health score once you enter your URL in the site audit bar. By performing all the checks that the toll advises, you can improve your essay score on SEMrush.
  • Link Building tool: SEMrush’s link building tool helps you find high-quality, authoritative backlinks. Thanks to this SEMrush feature, you can find out which websites to use to create backlinks, which will then improve your search engine rankings.

Pricing of SEMrush:

SEMRush offers three different pricing plans. They are

  • Pro – $99.95 per month
  • Guru – $199.95 per month.
  • Business – $399.95 per month 

2. AHREFS Keyword research tool 

The popular keyword explorer tool AHREFS can also be found online. Choosing a keyword research tool is your best option if you want in-depth information about each keyword.

On Google’s top 10 search results page, you will also find significant statistics like search volume and competition. On the first pages, you can also see how many clicks each result gets.

You can consider AHREFS a necessary SEO tool because of one of its best features. On a scale of 0 to 100, you can also see how difficult it is for your keyword to rank on Google, as well as how many backlinks you need to rank a post on the first pages of Google. 

Features of AHREFS

The features of AHREFs include,

  • Site audit tool: It analyzes your website and provides details regarding technical SEO issues, user experience, SEO issues like 4xx and 5xx, and many others. Over a hundred predetermined SEO issues are thoroughly examined on every page of your website.
  • Site Explorer: Ranking your pages using the site explorer can help you optimize them. This tool has several functions to help you improve your site’s ranking. It gives a comprehensive analysis of the site’s backlink profile and traffic.
  • Keyword Explorer: A great keyword research tool is Keyword Explorer, which helps you come up with great keyword ideas. By using the keywords provided, you can easily rank your content. By optimizing your keywords, you can quickly increase the rank of your site by providing similar keywords and their variations.
  • Content Explorer: The cornerstone of SEO is content marketing. There are advanced search operators in AHREFs that can be used for effective content marketing. Link-building opportunities, low-productivity problems, and partnership possibilities can be identified with this feature. 
  • Rank Tracker: Your site and keywords will be tracked against those of your competitors with the rank tracker. Scheduled reports will be sent directly to your inbox on every keyword ranking.

Pricing of AHREFS:

There are four AHREFS plans and prices.

  • Trial version – $7 for seven days
  • Lite plan – $99 per month
  • Standard plan – $179 per month
  • Advanced plan – $399 per month
  • Agency plan – $999 per month

Get the keyword research tool ahrefs 7-day trial

3. KW Finder 

The KW Finder can be used to quickly find keywords. KWFinder is the best keyword research tool if you wish to use it alone. One of the companies that can help you find keywords with high targeted traffic is one of the fastest-growing SEO tool companies.

KWFinder helps you identify keywords with low SEO difficulty for ranking in Google, which is equally important. There is no other keyword research tool like the KW finder, which provides a user-friendly interface. With KWfinder, you can see the exact statistics of competitors and keyword competition for each keyword.

The company Mangools offers KWFinder as one of its most useful SEO tools. Mangools provides five different SEO tools. They are 

  • KWFinder: For Keyword Research
  • SERPChecker: For SERP analysis 
  • SERPWatcher: For rank tracking
  • Link Miner: For Backlink Analysis
  • SiteProfiler:  For SEO metrics & Insights

In addition to statistics, you can also get an overview of the SERP for the given keywords, as well as suggestions of other keywords to try.

Features of KW Finder

The features of KWFinder are given below.

  1. Search by Keyword: You can use this feature to sort keywords into three categories. There are three types: suggestions, autocomplete, and questions. On this page, you will find detailed information about keyword metrics like trend, search, CPC, PPC, and keyword difficulty (KD).
  2. Search by Domain Name: You can find detailed keyword metrics for your competitors by using this feature.

Pricing of KW Finder:

The price of KWFinder is 

  • 10 Day trial pack
  • Basic plan – $29 per month
  • Premium plan – $39 per month
  • Agency plan – $79 per month

4. SerpStat

One of the most significant features of SERPSTAT is that it includes keyword research tools. You can easily rank your site faster in Google if you use these tools, as their features make it easy to optimize. Using this tool makes it easy to analyze competitors in-depth. 

The SERPSTAT analytics tool is suitable for every marketer that needs SEO and analytics experts, PPC experts, and content managers. SERPSTAT is an ideal tool for completing these tasks. 

With this tool, you can compare your site to those of your competitors and determine which keywords are missing from your page or even your entire website.

In the process of slowly evolving from a keyword research tool to a “growth hacking tool”, the SERPSTAT has added more impressive features, such as Technical SEO, PPC, and Link Building.

In addition to being able to see which pages have dropped rankings and which are still ranked, this SerpStat tool also enables you to analyze the entire website. Each page’s ranking percentage is also provided.

Features of SERPSTAT

  1. Keyword Research: By presenting your best search engine optimization keywords for your content and PPC campaign, it helps you expand your online presence.
  2. Search Analytics: To improve your business online, you should understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Content marketing Ideation: It allows you to create unique content based on your niche.
  4. Rank tracking: It allows you to track and monitor your competitors’ page rankings daily.
  5. Backlink analysis: With it, you can quickly get a backlink analysis report about your website or your competitors’ websites.
  6. Site audit: An on-site audit is included as part of the complete technical SEO of your site. Every time you perform an on-site audit, your content will be boosted. Using the reports, you can identify and resolve any technical issues.
  7. Competitor research: through the use of a given digital marketing program, you can create strategic marketing campaigns to position your business against the competition.

5. Moz keyword research tool

The MOZ tools are used by thousands of webmasters every day to check the DA and PA of their sites. One of the tools in Moz-Pro is the Keyword Explorer. Compared to premium tools like AHREFs and SEMRush, Moz is a great choice. It has many SEO tools to audit your sites, build backlinks, and perform other on-page optimization tasks. Moz Keyword Explorer allows you to perform detailed keyword and SERP analysis.

MOZ software is developed by Moz SEO experts.

Features of MOZ keyword explorer:

  • The keywords can be analyzed based on search volume.
  • The list of keywords can be saved within your account.
  • CSV files can be downloaded for exporting the total keyword research suggestions.
  • The keywords can be found in the question format.
  • It is possible to check the keyword difficulty score.
  • You can conduct a competitive keyword analysis.

Pricing of MOZ keyword explorer:

Starting at $99 a month, the Moz keyword explorer is available to all users. Mozbar premium, multiple search engines, SEO insights, and MOZ Forum are all included in MOZ pro plans. Choosing any one of the plans will give you a free 30-day trial. If you decide not to continue, you can cancel at any time.

Google Keyword Planner

6. Google keyword planner

For many bloggers, it is the tool of choice for keyword research. GKP is the perfect tool for finding the best keywords for your PPC campaigns, regardless of your business. 

A better choice is GKP if you’re looking for free keyword research tools. The tool was developed by Google and is free.

This tool can be used in Google Ads age by logging in directly with your Gmail account. In the previous version of the tool, each keyword was given its precise search volume. The new one only shows the range of searches for each keyword.

Features of Google Keyword Planner:

  • Keywords that are relevant to your search will be displayed.
  • You will receive a suggested bid price. You may find this useful if you run Google Ads campaigns.
  • Each keyword’s average monthly search volume will be provided.
  • You’ll know how competitive the keyword is whether it ranks or not.

Pricing of GKP: Free to use

7. UberSuggest

I recommend using ubersuggest as a free keyword research tool because it’s quick and easy to use. Until it started showing results in ranges, the Google Keyword Planner was the go-to tool for bloggers and even newbies to the Pro. The UberSuggest interface is directly comparable to the Google Keyword Planner, so you can directly try it out if you get used to it. 

In addition to Ubersuggest, Neil Patel recently acquired Ubersuggest, and it is another popular tool for researching keywords. On the web, YouTube, Google Images, shopping, and even news keywords can be searched for.

Go to Ubersuggest

Features of Ubersuggest:

  • Keyword Ideas: It provides you with a comprehensive list of potential keywords based on their volume, CPC, PD (page difficulty), and SD (SEO difficulty).
  • Traffic Analyzer: You will be able to see the organic traffic of the site, the SEO keyword ranking status, and the top pages that perform best. This tool can be used to spy on a competitor’s best-performing keywords and analyze them.
  • Content Ideas: Your project’s content ideas will be refined by finding the most effective content. Based on the ranking factors for each country, the resulting pages are arranged.

Pricing of Ubersuggest: 

Ubersuggest’s regular plans come with a free seven-day trial. The price is significantly lower than other popular premium SEO tools such as AHREFS, SEMRush, and MOZ. Lifetime plans are available at a great discount of 90%.

Name of the PlanUseful forPrice monthlyLifetime Pricing
Individual PlanEntrepreneurs & small businesses. Managing 1-3 websites.$12 per Month$120
Business PlanSmall & medium businesses. Managing 4-7 websites.$20 per Month$200
Enterprise / Agency planLarge businesses & agencies. Managing 8+ websites$40 per Month$400


Whether you are creating a new blog or reviving an old one, keyword research is one of the most important steps to achieve better and faster Google rankings. Google’s free tools, such as Google Trends and Keyword Planner, can also be used for basic keyword research.  

By using this tool, you can search directly for different keywords and data based on Google’s trends. With this tool, you can see the related queries and the popularity of the keywords.  Those who are new to keyword research should begin with this tool, which is the basic keyword research tool. You can adapt to other tools as you go, as explained above. 

You can try these free SEO Tools now.

Well, if you want to avoid doing the basic search, there are tools such as SEMrush, LongTail Pro, and KW-Finder that can give you access to different keyword strategies and content ideas.

We hope this article will help you find your favorite keyword research tools for the future. Please share your best research findings in the comment section below.

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