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Compress image tool is a web-based tool for compressing image file sizes


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How to use

Compress image online works with JPEG, PNG and GIF images to the highest possible level. Simply upload the images to your computer, set the compression level for the images and download them for use on your website.

Our service is fast and does not require any software installation.

Download links to the resulting files will be available as soon as the operation is complete.

Compressing your images to reduce file size can help you load faster your website and social media images. The compression of common JPEG photos to the same size as images in modern formats such as WebP and HEIC contributes to this. Read more about how PNG compression can reduce the size of your images, photos, graphics and other images.

Online tool to compress your photos in any format

If you need to have images that are optimal for the web, I will point you to an online tool. Which means that you will not have to download any software or additional requirements in order to have optimal images. But why do you need to compress images? We will tell you how useful it is and where you are going to find this tool, in addition to the loads of applications that this wonderful portal has.

Why compress images with Marketing Tool Online?

The reasons for compressing images in this tool are as follows:

1) It is a completely free application.

2) Works with JPEG, PNG and GIF images at the highest level.

3) Does not require any software installation.

4) With image compression, if you have web pages, the page will load faster and you will not lose users or readers due to the lateness of the page.

5) You can compress them to WebP and HEIC formats. Which are the last ones that are at low capacity and of excellent quality.

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