Best Online Tools for Scheduling Meetings, Conferences & Events

Whether you're trying to find the perfect time to catch up with your team or looking for the best way to coordinate with your clients, these meeting scheduling tools will come in handy.


Doodle is an easy way to schedule meetings online. It’s free to use, and has been used by millions of people around the world. With over 30 million users worldwide, Doodle is one of the most popular tools for scheduling events on the web. Create beautiful invitations, manage RSVPs, and more.

You can easily invite participants to a meeting using Doodle. Just click “Invite People” and select the date and time. You can also add notes to each invitation so that everyone knows what’s going on.


To help you stay organized, you can set up custom meeting types and durations, for example, “30-minute check-in” or “60-minute project review.” You can also add custom questions to the form people fill out to register, include a link to a document or web page people should review before the meeting, or even make events private.

Google Calendar

If your team uses Gsuite and you'd like to streamline scheduling processes, you can schedule meetings with others through Google Calendar.

If your work email is already part of a GSuite membership, you can go to your calendar, find another team member in the "Meet With" tab on the left, and then click your name to see their calendar in front of you. yours. If you click a time slot on that calendar, you can schedule a meeting with that teammate.


Zoom is known for being one of the most popular video conferencing platforms, but it also includes tools to make the meeting scheduling process easier. You can choose to add the meeting to your calendar (which can send an invitation to the recipient for you), or you can copy and paste the generated invitation into an email. Additionally, Zoom Meetings features include recording and transcription capabilities.


Meet Clara, a virtual assistant powered by machine learning, who can schedule all your meetings and get familiar with your scheduling patterns. Once you register, you indicate your preferences regarding the days and times you are available for meetings and your favorite places to have coffee, lunch or drinks.

If someone requests a meeting, you can use CC Clara's email address (which can be customized for your company's domain) and the virtual assistant will determine the time, date, duration, participants and location of the meeting. It also understands human commands like "I'm sick, can you reschedule my meetings for Tuesday?".

It currently only works with Gmail and comes at a hefty price tag, but it might be worth it if scheduling is a major issue for your business if you think it's significantly cheaper than hiring a personal assistant.

If you have difficulties making your availability known to clients, we invite you to try this tool. The freemium service gives users a custom URL to view free slots in your Google and iCloud Calendar to reserve time to meet with you.

The service also allows you to customize your booking page with different designs, colors and your company logo.


Finding a time for a group of people to get together can be a nightmare, especially with large, remote teams. Rally lets you create a simple, straightforward poll where attendees can vote in one day for an event that works best for them. It also includes an open comments section on the meeting page, for attendees to plan the meeting agenda or discuss the most important details.


Demodesk is an all-in-one meeting scheduler and assistant designed specifically for sales demo scheduling. It not only offers personalized booking pages, calendar synchronization, and meeting analytics, but also allows you to take advantage of its advanced screen sharing and virtual viewing options. As a bonus, it has native integrations with many tools, including CRMs.